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[-Repent Tommorrow-]

Great Biggie Size Number One w/Coke- Wendy's
Plus a small Fosty - Wendy's
Veg Sandwich, Sour Cream and Onion Chips w/Pepsi - Subway
Meatball Sandwich, Cheese and Broccoli Soup w/Coke - Quizno's
Jumbo Burrito (flour) and Soft Taco (corn) w/Ice Tea - Taco Del Mar
Lemonade's just fine, too. - Taco Del Mar
Number Five with an extra bean burrito w/Pepsi - Taco Bell
Grande sized two taco meal w/Pepsi - Taco Time
Lot's a f'ing hot sauce - Taco Time

Hey, kid.11:08PM 032806

You know the drill.
Hey Bettie!